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EAI International Conference on Ubiquitous Communications and Network Computing

August 3–5, 2017 | Bangalore, India

EAI International Conference on

Ubiquitous Communications and Network Computing

August 3–5, 2017 | Bangalore, India





DAY 1: Thursday, August 3, 2017


(20 min break)

11:30am -13:00pm



T1: The complexity of IoT World, Security Challenges and Building Secure Wired and Wireless IoT Networks


Mr Nishant Krishna, Software Architech, Extreme Networks


Venue: Krishna Hall, 1st Floor, New Building, E-Block

T2:  Hands-on Training Program on Data Analytics & Machine Learning using R


Dr Mahesh Anand, Scientific Computing Solution (SCS) India


Venue: A 101 (A-Block Conference Room, Ground Floor, Near bank)


Lunch Break (A-Block, 1st Floor, Akshaya Hall)

14:00 – 17:30pm

(30 min break)


T2 ..Cont’d


14:00 – 17:30

(30 min break)

T3: MQTT Protocol for IoT with Demo


Mr Anand M, Sr Research Engineer, CDoT, Bangalore


Venue: Krishna Hall, 1st Floor, New Building, E-Block











DAY 2: Friday, August 4, 2017



9:30am– 10:25am

Keynote 1:     “U-Health Care Devices”

Dr V R Singh (Prof Rtd), National Physical Laboratory, Delhi


Tea/Coffee Break


Keynote 2: “Murphy Loves Constructive Interference”

Dr Venkatesha Prasad, TU Delft Netherland

11:45am -12:40pm

Keynote 3: Secure Device Management in IoT: Practical Scenarios

Dr Vishwas Lakkundi, Incedo Inc, India


Lunch  (Akshaya Hall – A Block, first floor)

01:45pm – 03:00pm

Panel Discussion: "The Impact of 5G-IoT and Wearables and India's Efforts towards Standardization/Development"

Members: Kishore A T (Moderator); Dr. Dilip K, (IBM); Dr. Geetha Manjunath ( Health Care Analytics); Dr Shivaram ( Curl Analytics); Dr V R Singh (NPL); Dr Siva (UTL Tech); and Dr Vijaya Kumar (MSRIT)  


Technical Presentation –(4) Paper IDs: 271068, 270541, 270426, 270847

04:00pm -04:20pm

Tea/Coffee Break


Technical Presentation–(4) Paper IDs:  270861, 270517, 270870, 270306



DAY 3: Saturday, August 5, 2017


Technical Session Presentation–(6) Paper IDs:  270526, 270171, 270112, 270503, 270519, 270524

10:30am– 11:00am

Tea/Coffee Break


Keynote 4: Cloud Computing and Internet of Things- Key enablers for Digital India & Smart Cities”

 Dr Pamela Kumar, Founder Chair & Vice President, Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India


Keynote 5: IoT Challenges and Opportunities for Smart Cities”

 Dr A Paventhan, Additional Director, ERNET India

12:20pm – 1:00pm

Keynote 6:  “Mission Critical Communications”

Dr Aloknath De; VP, Samsung India 



02:00pm – 02:45pm

Keynote 7:  Consideration for IoT from Test Industry Perspective

Jagadish Kumar Chandrasekar, Director-Test Engineering, Tessolve Semiconductor Pvt Ltd


Technical Presentation–(5) Paper IDs: 270425, 270435, 270340, 271082, 270522

04:00pm -04:25pm

Tea/Coffee Break


Technical Presentation–(4) Paper IDs:  270586, 270528, 270332, 270523


END of the Conference (Closing Remarks)



271068: ‘MobAware’-Harnessing Context Awareness, Sensors and Cloud for Spontaneous Personal Safety Emergency Help Requests; Sujadevi V G, Aravind Ashok, Shivsubramani Krishnamoorthy, Prabaharan Poornachandran, Prem Shankar A U, Mani Bharataraju, Sai Keerti and Khyati D

270541: A Comprehensive Crowdsourcing Approach to Urban Flood Management; Ramesh Guntha,  Sethuraman Rao, Maik Benndorf and Thomas Haenselmann

270426: Aggregation Using the concept of Dynamic-Sized Data Packet for Effective Energy Saving in Wireless Sensor Network; Smitha N Pai, Mruthyunjaya H. S,  Aparna Nayak N and Smitha A A

270847: TVAKSHAS- An energy consumption and utilization measuring system for green computing environment; Naren Tada, Dishita Barai and Tejas Patalia


270861: Challenges to Developing a Secure, Cloud-based Offline Mobile Application; Sambit Kumar Patra and Navin Kumar

270517: Mobile Commerce Business Model for Customer Oriented Business Transactions; Pushpa P V

270870: An Untraceable Identity-Based Blind Signature without Pairing for E-cash Payment System; Mahender Kumar,  C.P. Katti and P.C. Saxena

270306: Context Information based FOREX Services; Pushpa P V



270526: Markov Chain based Priority Queueing Model for Packet Scheduling and Bandwidth Allocation; Reema Sharma, Navin Kumar, T.Srinivas Talabatulla

270171: A Profound Inquiry of Diversified Application and Trends in Big Data Analytics; Monica Velamuri, Anantha Narayanan Veeraraghavan and Sini Raj Pulari

270112: SDN Framework for Securing IoT Networks; Prabhakar Krishnan, Jisha S Najeem and Krishnashree Achuthan

270503: Estimation of Available Bandwidth in the Network by Composing Link-wise Bandwidths using Software Defined Network Controller; Manmeet Singh, Nitin Varyani, Jobanpreet Narang, K Haribabu

270519: Estimation of raw packets in SDN; Yash Sinha, Shikhar Vashishth and K. Hari Babu

270524: Real Time Monitoring of Packet Loss in Software Defined Networks; Yash Sinha, Shikhar Vashishth and K. Hari Babu


270425: Active Home Agent Load Balancing for Next Generation Mobility based Distributed Networks; Senthilkumar Mathi and Anshu Khatri

270435: Design of a Real-time Human Emotion Recognition System; Manikandan J, Ashwin DV and Abhinav Kumar

270340: Trace and Track: Enhanced Pharma Supply Chain Infrastructure to Prevent Fraud: Archa, Bithin Alangot and Krishnashree Achuthan

271082: Management of IoT devices in Home Network via Intelligent home gateway using NETCONF; Savita Vijay

270522: DNA based Cryptography to Improve Security and Usability of Electronic Health Records; Sreeja Sukumaran, Misbahuddin Mohammed and Bindhumadhava B.S.


270586: Design and Safety Verification for Vehicle Networks; Debasis Das and Harsha Vasudev

270528: Outdoor Millimeter-Wave Channel Modeling for Uniform Coverage without Beam Steering; Sheeba M, Sudarshan A Rao and Navin Kumar

270332: Dimensional modification induced Band Gap tuning in 2D-Photonic Crystal for advanced communication and other application; Sathya Narayan R.R. Srinivasulu T, Chitrank Kaul, Arvind Narendran, Ashit Sharma, Jhilick Ghosh, Nabanita Acharjee and Kaustav Bhowmick

270523: Power Aware Network on Chip Test Scheduling with Variable Test Clock Frequency; Harikrishna Parmar and Usha Mehta